Marina DeBris

As a very special treat for our guests at the first annual special assembly, we’ve invited internationally acclaimed artist Marina DeBris to showcase her global Trashions collection.  Mar Vista artist Marina DeBris has been picking up trash along Westside beaches and creeks for over a dozen years. Her mission began when she moved from Bondi Beach, Australia to LA’s Westside.

“In the beginning I would just pick up stacks of Styrofoam cups and bring them to the local 7-11, but I soon realized that this wasn’t really attacking the root problem. I needed a creative way to draw attention to it. The whole idea of making beach detritus into art began in 2009 with the realization that the waste we create always comes back to haunt us.”

Her work is regularly on display in Los Angeles galleries and often lends her artistic talents to groups like Heal the Bay, Sustainable Works, Friends of Ballona Wetlands, 5 Gyres, Surfriders and other environmental organizations.  Trained as a graphic designer at the Rhode Island School of Design, Marina’s interest in the intersection of art and the environment has  been a constant. “My first goal is to provoke viewers into thinking about the consequences of our habits, and how we can change them.  My second goal is to get rid of all the garbage in my garage! In a responsible way, of course.”

Find out more about Marina at Washed Up.

sheryl Lee
Sheryl Lee
Actress, Artist, Poet, Mother

Sheryl will be performing with Marina DeBris.  After being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder five years ago, Sheryl discovered that the most profoundly healing step she could take for her body, mind and Spirit was to consciously reconnect with Mother Earth. This intimate communion with nature became her medicine and her guide. Sheryl’s writing is her story of this journey.

Maya Gabay
Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Doula

Maya Gabay is an internationally recognized sacred dancer, choreographer, performer, teacher, and a Doula as well as an inspired mother and gifted educator.  She is the innovator of two unique dance methodologies — BellySecrets: Dance, Heal, Trance-form, a life-transforming dance practice for adult  (created in 2002) and the MaYa-Ya Dance Method for Kids (created in 2010).  Maya has toured the world for the last ten years as a lead dancer and performer with the Yuval Ron Ensemble.  She has performed for His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, the king of Morocco, and Sting, among many others. Maya G. introduce dance as a natural way to communicate and integrate esoteric knowledge.  She sees the language of dance as a valuable tool for emotional, physical, and spiritual development. Maya works with women and children throughout the United States (and internationally) via classes, one-on-one sessions, schools, and enrichment programs. Maya’s healing and dance practices include specialized training in sacred dance, improvisational movement, craniosacral therapy, DNA Theta Healing, Pre-Natal Kundalini yoga (The Khalsa Way), Reiki II, Completion and Correction Healing (CCH), DONA International Doula Training, medicinal herbs, and Native American medicine.  A native of Israel, Maya Gabay has been living and working out of the Los Angeles area for the last 12 years.

Marla Set-2
Marla Leigh Goldstein
Percussionist, Flautist, Composer and educator
Marla’s Teaching Website and Marla’s Facebook Page 

Marla Leigh Goldstein is a Los Angeles based professional Percussionist, Flautist, Composer and educator who is one of the few female specializes in the ancient mystical Frame Drum, a drum that was traditionally played by women in cultures worldwide. Marla dharma is dedicated to empowering people to drum through offering concerts, workshops and retreats internationally. She also offers online educational drumming programs via SKYPE.

Marla is passionate about composing healing transformational music. She writes dynamic cross-cultural world music scores for film, TV and healing arts educational DVD’s. Marla’s original music can be heard on Hala Khouri’s yoga DVD, “Yoga for Stress Release”, Janet Stone’s iphone Yoga application, and the movies “Bold Native” and “The Cellist”. Marla has designed her own Signature Series line of frame drums with Cooperman Drum Company and released a Hand Drum Instructional DVD, “Time Zone”.

Marla is currently working on finishing her second instructional DVD, “Radiant Drummer” ,and composing for her debut album, “Rhythms in Ahava”; This will be a CD of global healing music that will be recorded with incredible musicians in the USA and Israel (Marla will be launching her fundraising campaign for this CD in March 2013 through Kickstarter).


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