About Our Chapter

The Greater L.A. Chapter is building an inclusive multi-community-based effort in support of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women (also referred to as USNC-UN Women). As a community-based effort, the Chapter shall maintain relevance to local women in the community, in a manner that is sustainable and ecologically responsible. We strive to actualize an identifiable connection between local and global concerns put into practice by our events, programs and advocacy efforts. This includes research, education and advocacy of global women and girls in support of international programs for UN Women. We endeavor to partner with private and public sectors, non-for-profit organizations and concerned individuals in order to raise awareness and support for UN Women.

About the USNC-UN Women

UN WOMEN is the only entity at the United Nations solely devoted to addressing women and gender issues. As part of the US National Committee, we are committed to furthering the goals of UN Women on realizing gender equality and the empowerment of women. All 13 Chapters throughout the United States serve as the voice of the USNC for UN Women by establishing events that engage their respective communities and providing key financial support to UN Women. In this spirit, UN Women’s Greater Los Angeles Chapter is hosting our second annual special assembly: SAFE CITIES LA,  a dynamic dialogue about creating a more equitable Los Angeles for women & girls. Join us!


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