Celebrating & Connecting with the Arts

In addition to celebrating the amazing women in your life on this recent Mother’s Day, we also call attention to celebrating and connecting with the arts for those in the Greater Los Angeles area in the first in our series of posts on creative arts and wellbeing for the month of May.

First of all, much debate has gone on about whether L.A. truly plays to being a “creative” city. This was highlighted  in a conversation on socially engaged art in LA between Sarah Schrank, professor of history at Cal State Long Beach, and Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, associate professor at the USC Price School of Public Policy: “on the one hand, there’s no question that Los Angeles is one of the most culturally productive arenas in the United States…On the other hand, however, Los Angeles has a long history of censoring, neglecting, and mishandling art and artists…Los Angeles, at one time, had one of the most progressive and expansive public art programs in the United States but it was dismantled in the late 1950s. It’s never really been recreated.”

However, the benefits of having a creative and artistic community are well-known, as a creative presence (whether it’s an art center, museum, murals, art park, co-operative gallery, etc.) helps to build a sense of community and strengthen public ownership, attracts residents and local business, and even encourages civic participation.

Thus, despite issues such as increased gentrification and a rising cost of living, L.A.’s popular culture and highly commercial creative venues of production can be leveraged by its artists to share their work with a broader audience.

Please see the links below for more information regarding the arts scene in LA, and how you can be further involved.

  • ArtScene: a comprehensive digest to the fine art galleries and museums of Southern California
  • Los Angeles Art Scene: related posts via the Huffington Post
  • Art Space Guide to LA Art Scene

Stay posted for more to come later this month in line with our creative arts and wellbeing theme for May!



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